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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

I have belonged to gyms’ for over 2 decades. Working out 5 days a week has been my only routine I have had. And I would never give it up.

In those years I have met a number of people that have at least one thing in common; sweating toxins out, toning the bodies, boosting the energy, feeling better, and looking better…

When I relocated to a small town, two years ago, my first priority was to find a good fitness club. After one switch from a gym to another one, I locked in to the club I’m now in.

I have heard in those years, that the best motivation of working out at the gym can be given to you by the first impression; the staff that is in shape and high-end positive energy. Not once, nor twice I have heard, that overweight fitness club staff is not the best inspiration for the members. Well, don’t you be fooled;

About a year ago, in one of the locations my club has, I walked it and I was greeted by a new staff member, Star. Star had a few extra pounds, nice, welcoming attitude, however, not too talkative or overly positive side of her. Nevertheless, highly professional and helpful. In the spring my gym has expended to another location, which became better in accessibility for me and I stayed there. And just a few days ago, when I had chores to do nearby the original fitness club, I entered and my jaw dropped down! Behind the desk, there was this highly energetic girl whose face I recognized, but not her body. I listened to her and her new life she decided to join, but most of all, her spirit has lit up tremendously. Her lifestyle is something she never before experienced, but, boy, doesn’t it pay off! She has taken her changes seriously and while watching her abusing a bike one day, I am not kidding by saying it! I didn’t spare a word of admiration towards this determine girl and while I was thanking her for bringing such a challenge for us all, she modestly replied, that if there was any challenge and inspiration for her, it was us, the club members drawing her to be better every day.

Star is signing for a bikini contest in 2 ½ years. There’s no doubt she will be in and not just participating. It’s great to be happy in our own skin, but it’s a pride to be in it after such hard work, determination and a huge transformation. Star proves that everything is possible, when we find the willingness, time and determination. We are masters of our bodies; it’s all up to us where we take them. Star’s on the right track. GOOD LUCK !



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