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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Where there is no communication, there’s nothing.

Most of relationships (any, not just marital) collapse due to a lack of communication. You may be a great speaker, but if you don’t have a good listener, you’re done right there. We all were given cognitive skills; it’s only a matter of what portion of this know-how we own, how much we are willing to expand this expertise.

We study anatomy; we know lots about how our body works. We understand why our muscles ache when we over-work them…etc. But what do we know about our mind which very often overpowers the whole cognitive system?

I am not eligible to give you the spiel or explanation why your mind works or doesn’t in a certain situation. To tell you the truth, I am still in the process of investigating my own psyche… But I can be the listener who will do the best to guide you to stroll down a healthy way of living.

ViaMia radio show, topic "Communication", with the co-host, RICK VALIANT

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