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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

In my busy lifestyle, which I enjoy a lot, cooking and baking is my meditation, my therapy. More than the result, creating is what excites me the most. And therefore, many, if not all of the found recipes I tend to modify.

My Slovak-Hungarian great-grand mother was an exceptional baker. Not by occupation. It was her biggest interest to create an inimitable essence of anything she touched in her kitchen. And the same went to making the liquors you could never find in a store! My cousin Adriana and I agreed on it a million times when we, as children sneaked into her wooden bar and gave it a try…Her superb skills were, fortunately, handed over and gladly accepted by my Grandma, then my parents and guess what? I’d be silly to let it all die!

Sweets, savoury, cocktails and even the main courses are safe with me. All my recipes give everyone a choice on how they would like to eat. Look at some images, check the list and let me know what interests you. I won’t let you fail.

This three-recipe slide show showcases:

1. MEATLESS RISSOLES, based on oatmeal. I have been making this dish for three decades and no one has ever been able to guess the ingredients. They all agreed on two things - that it is "SOOOO GOOD" and "I WANT THE RECIPE"...

2. The second picture is associated with my own, several times altered, recipe for PROTEIN BARS. Absolutely ultimate!

3. The last one in this album is CURRIED SALAD. I never knew I liked curry until I made this dish.

Another slideshow is lead by:

1 BANANA-BLUEBERRY MUFFINS. Natural, healthy ingredients and so easy to prepare. I always put much more blueberries, than asked. The treat is not dry, but tasty and juicy.

2. If you like soups, the SWEET AND SPICY YOGURT SOUP can be eaten hot or cold. I have to tell you, though, the hot summer days will welcome this delicacy in a refrigerated state.

3. AVOCADO-CHOCOLATE PUDDING. There are so many recipes for this type of pudding. This is my Dad's version, which caused, that we have erased all previous ones from our database

HIDDEN APPLES IN PÂTE FEUILLETÊE. If you want to impress and surprise your guests, this is the treat I'd go with

Stuffed roasted bell peppers

"KREMEŠ", the authentic recipe from my Great Grandmother's cook book

"Make your own porridge" breakfast bowl

ROASTED EGG PLANT with garlic and herbs

NON-BAKING BISCUIT CAKE. The fastest cake ever made. It only requires the cake to sit in the fridge for a few hours, but you'll play with it for only a few minutes

A three-picture slide show:

1. BUDDHA BOWL; it is anther recipe you will find tons of recipes for. I tried a couple, this is the utmost. The unique combination of veggies and fruits, in my case, accommodated with marinated baked tofu.

2. BASMATI RICE RISOTTO; I have never been a big rice lover. But when, two years ago I was invited to an elegant restaurant in Slovakia, specifically designed for picky gastronomes, I was asked to order this dish to change my mind on rice...That was the best risotto I have ever eaten! However, I could easily taste it as great with quinoa.

3. SUPREME BAKED GRANOLA; It's so delicious. And it's all your work put into it! You can serve it as it is topped with fruit, or almond milk, yogurt, milk...whatever pleases you.

This slide show contains;

1. CROISSANTS STUFFED WITH WALNUTS; my Mom's specialty. Even though, I only remember her making it during Christmas time, I baked it on several occasions. And the aroma floating around me while the croissants are in the oven, brings me back to my childhood, seeing the Christmas tree in the background...

2.POWER BALLS; one ball, (a little over 1 TBS of "dough") is a perfect amount after your workout or if you want to have a healthy snack. I use quinoa puffs as a base instead of oatmeal. Super healthy ingredients will boost your energy!

3. MY GRANADMA'S BREAD; or I lied...The formula is hers, the ingredients have changed. Since I don't use any "whites" in my cuisine (white flour, white rice, white pasta, white sugar), this bread, also has a combination of nutritionally well-chosen flours. Very rarely I make my bread plain; sometimes I add just herbs, sometimes black olives, seeds or sun-dried tomatoes. Either--or, either--or...the bread will never fail you. DELICIOUS!

A three-recipe blog:

1. "My" TABOULI SALAD. I said, MY, because it doesn't have the traditional Bulghur wheat, but rather Quinoa. Quinoa is a naturally gluten free seed of a plant and I love its nutty crunch and flavour.

2. ASPARAGUS WITH WALNUTS in sesame oil. Delicious warm or cold; accompanying protein or on its own.

3. ULTIMATE BAKED PROTEIN BARS; another delicacy for fitness pros, physically active people, or as a healthy snack.

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